What We Learned This Week – 16/9/16

1 We’ve been enjoying this late entry for the feelgood hit of the summer and boy is it catchy!

2 How ace is this keyring?


3 We still can’t stop thinking about Tata off of Narcos. *sighs*

4 We’re dead jealous of our top mate Lee who has just been to DJ Shadow’s record sale in LA and even got to meet him.

5 People went pretty nuts over our Hikerdelic tees so we’ve done some sweats innit.


6 Illustrators Ben Lamb and Daren Newman are two of the soundest people you could ever meet and both have some truly amazing stuff on display in their studios.

7 Listening to Exit Planet Dust on a Friday afternoon still has the power to get you going.


8 We’ve yet to find anyone who has done all the drugs that are featured on this front cover yet. Can someone show it to Bez please?

9 The latest edition of the Modernist Mag is well good, ask Johnny Marr if you don’t believe us.


10 Despite being very warm it’s rained like fuck in Manchester this week. Look at this.

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