What We Learned This Week – 18/11/16

1 Raglan sleeves were invented for improved sword fighting action and not like we thought to make you dead good at baseball.

2 We’ve done some of our mugs on a Swedish tip, well nice aren’t they? They go on sale this coming måndag.


3 Being called names on the internet is a great laugh but let’s cut to the chase, if any of you are arsed enough to be nasty to us online, we’re at 82 Silk Street, Ancoats most days. No tools.

4 We fully agree with this brilliant article on the Quietus about how The The’s game-changing album ‘Infected’ is as relevant today as it was thirty years ago when it was released.


5 After todays blizzard like conditions we now know that Black Mountain Clothing and Nameless Tech jackets are both dead ace when it’s starts snowing.

6 We’re doing an exhibition in London at the end of January and you’re all going to proper buzz off it. We’ll tell you more next week.

7 Both series of Mid-Morning Matters are quite possibly Coogan’s greatest work.


8 Joel Golby makes us laugh like drains, read his latest opus here about returning to Chesterfield where apparently everyone is ‘Cheerfully fed up’, sounds like Stockport.


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