What We Learned This Week – 23/9/16

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1. This song is well babyish.

2. London is still nice. Maharishi smells nice. Nigel Cabourn’s Covent Garden shop is splendid.IMG_1700

3. PR companies who send .tif files to us to put on the web need tarring and feathering. Or at least tickling to death.

4. These football t-shirts are so popular they keep selling out before we can write nice things about them.

5. Our sweatshirts are nice. Out on Monday at 7pm. Nice one to Ladi from The Vault for being cool AND nice. A rare combination.

DSC_0965 DSC_0890

6. So are the mugs. And maybe one or two spare t-shirts, if you missed out.


7. After Blossoms, Neil’s niece could be the next big musical export from Stockport. Think Lana Del Rey meets Merseyway.

8. This is a little smasher too.

9. These bags are smart.

10. People on instagram prefer clown-sized brand new Weavers to earthy, normal-sized vintage Wallabee Lite.


I had pizza for tea.

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