What We Learned This Week – 26/8/16

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1. Tony Blackburn is more Alan Partridge than Alan Partridge. Read his book this week. He talks about modern acts like Luther Vandross, Spandau Ballet and Beyonce. Even better as an audiobook.

2. Proper 20 is going to be big, like a mountain, which is good because it’s the theme.

3. Limmy’s 600 Vines and more Family Guy has made us laugh this week.

4. Bowlcut are good at making funny t-shirts.

5. Marcus Reed is a fine fellow. Came in the office to say hello, didn’t he?

6. The Potteries accent continues to bewitch and bewilder us. Biwetch and biwelder.

7. Doing some tees, us. Finally doing some tees. Daren Newman is the one to thank for that.

8. Seen 7L up close. Good grief. Serious kit.

9. Rob Trigg is more of a genius than he was last week, and less than he will be next week. Wait till you see how he’s helping us spread the word of our mugs.

10. Lee Scratch Perry in Compstall, who’d a thunk it.


I had pizza for tea.

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