What We Learned This Week (Italy Special)- 9/12/16

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I’m writing this intro on a train from Milano Centrale to Bologna Centrale. Lovely comfy thing, it is. We’re over here to do some curating. Yes, we know. We’ve changed. In around six weeks time however, a two day exhibition featuring the work of Massimo Osti will take place alongside the Jacket Required tradeshow. It’s open to the public, too so your annoying mate can come, and he can bring his fackin’ dinner

To do a truly proper job of choosing what we think are the right items, we returned to Italy to pick for ourselves. We’re in the middle of a 31 hour window in which we have already squeezed pizza, beer, Inter vs Sparta Prague, a McDonald’s and a really sugary breakfast. We’ll be too busy looking at tremendous outerwear to write this later, so here you are… what we learned this week, on tour.

1. If you see a lad who looks like Michael Hutchence on a flight, a quip about ‘INXS baggage’ goes down surprisingly well.

2. Milan looks a bit like Berlin, if Berlin was in Italy. It’s also very foggy today. Mussolini got killed to death in Milan.

3. Inter Ultras aren’t pleased at the moment. We went to the mostly empty San Siro last night for a mostly dull game in which the home team triumphed by two goals to one. Eder got both but sadly neither were a header.


4. Napapirji is everywhere. Even saw a lad in that rainforest camo thing. Currently trying to decide if it makes me like it more or less. Probably more

5. Not everyone gets dressed with the light on.


6. Everyone in Italy still smokes, even on trains when it’s forbidden. As a confirmed asthma enthusiast, I should be irritated but I’m not. Anyone got a light?

7. Sparta Prague fans actually sing “Let’s go Sparta! Let’s go.”

Seems a long way to go to leave after 20 minutes.

8. Venice is like a massive film set. You’ve seen Alien vs Predator? Well this is Fraggle Rock vs Never Ending Story vs The Italian Job.

9. It’s surprising how much you can get done when you’ve got a mobile phone, a data connection that doesn’t cost loads and a power bank. We’re such a pair of bloggers. *gets oriental girlfriend, pretends to be into streetwear*

10. Italians are the best at having arguments of all nationalities. They really, really fucking mean it.

I had pizza for tea.

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