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To help celebrate that the sun has finally put his hat on and has come out to play, our mates at New Entry are giving one of you lucky people the chance to win a cool £150 voucher to spend in their most excellent online store.

There’s a top selection of summery stock from the likes of Lacoste Live, Carhartt, Fred Perry, Penfield and Vans on the site all just waiting to be won/worn. So to be in with a chance of winning this ace prize all you have to do is firstly go to the New Entry site here and join their newsletter by submitting your email address at the bottom of the page.

Secondly on this page you also have to tell us (in the comments section) exactly why you deserve to win the £150 voucher more than anyone else. We’ll pick the best/funniest answer in a week or two and post it up on here. So put that calippo down and give it a go…




  1. I don’t know what the fuck new entry is, lf l had the vouchers l might be bothered to find out.

  2. Joel Pollard

    I deserve £150 worth of vouchers because I have my second son on the way and need to inspire my lads with some decent clothes instead of the Primark gear that my bank balance is currently predicting is all I can afford.

  3. Chris Stafford

    Because this F*cking thing hascrashed 6 times when I try to enter. So please compensate me with the prize, I had something much wittier to write but it kept f*cking crashing so this the best I’ve got.

  4. Hannah Louise Quinn

    What man doesn’t like to see his lady in new clothes?

  5. Jack Painter

    My life’s not hard, I’m not needy
    I just want it cos I’m greedy
    I don’t deserve this great prize
    Instead just silly lies
    I mean, After all It’s just money
    And I’m anything but funny
    So give me that pound
    Before I’m anything but sound
    I mean I wouldn’t mind a new Tee
    But if that’s all that can be,
    Then, that can only be fair
    Especially when I’m left in despair
    After writing all this
    Surely I deserve a kiss?
    Or maybe something from Carhartt,
    That would really strengthen my heart
    After all, it’s summer,
    So please, don’t let it be a bummer.

  6. Jack Kerkham

    I’m supposed to be going to Spain in 11 days and I have no flights and no passport. Don’t let me have no t shirts either

  7. Richard Ainsworth

    I deserve to win the 150 quid voucher because I believe with this money I can inspire others to take a liking to some very fine pieces of clothing I would purchase, il also tell everyone that I got my clothes from newentry and that I would have no sense of style if it wasn’t for propermag

  8. Because last I tried looking like one of the models in your pictures (due to cash flow problems at the time) I painted the outfit onto my body. This went down like a lead balloon. I admit I’m not the greatest artist but what did people expect? It’s awkward looking down on yourself trying to paint, logos are a nightmare, I now understand why Lacoste picked that little dragon or whatever it is, you can’t copy it! Anyway ever since that incident I haven’t seen my family. A year and a half ago now… You ow me…

  9. If I don’t win my wife said she is going to leave me because I have not nice clobber, am a constant letdown and need to take the bins out.

  10. I’m currently unemployed and could do with a tee or two for the summer or maybe a casual job interview? Who knows, just give it me!

  11. I want it.

    And you’ll probably not accept that as a good enough reason. And that doesn’t bother me.

  12. I want it.

    And you’ll probably not accept that as a good enough reason.

    And that doesn’t bother me.

  13. Michael Richardson

    There’s a nice Remi Relief shirt on Oi Polloi. Give me the voucher, I’ll knock it out for £100 to one of the lads above and I’ll have a third of the price towards the shirt. Everyone’s a runner-up.

  14. Jack McNally

    Only with a £150 voucher would I consider spending £150 on that site, everyone else may intend to buy clothes off them at some point with real money whereas I don’t so it’s beneficial for the company if I win.

  15. I’ve been saving hard this year to try and make dreams become a reality. I’m trying to move abroad and go travelling so my spending habits on clothing have been cut to zero give or take. Be a nice touch this would just before I go away. Got to be worth a try ain’t it?

  16. Trousers

    I have great fashion sense but I’m too poor to prove it.

  17. Gizzle Bizzle

    Give it me or else I’ll make you a new entry…in your bum!

  18. Colin ebbrell

    I’m a menswear ninja . But somebody stole all my clothes off the washing line whilst I was out ninjaing . Please give me a voucher

  19. Tommy Dickfingers

    Let me win or I’ll fucking cut you.

  20. Swiss James

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    Daffodils are yellow,
    I like free stuff.

  21. I am hungry, homeless, fat and naked. Dont think any of the clothes on New Entry would fit me but with £150 I could buy some sunglasses and an umbrella so would look cool sitting out in all weathers.

    I would like to thank the passer by who bought me a cup of tea and who kindly allowed me to use their ipad to enter this competition #HeartOfGold

  22. It’s that time of the month and all I’m getting is GBH to the ear from the missus. £150 to spend on garms would help soften the blow

  23. richard kellett

    i deserve to win that 150 pound voucher to bring myself into the 21st century as i am from bradford …..nuff said

  24. I need that £150 voucher because my girlfriends kicked me out and I need to look amazing when I bump into her in the street and go round to pick up my DVDs.

  25. Desperado for new clothes
    Buzzing my tits off over that jacket

  26. I went to the courteeners gig on Friday and realised that I looked the same as absolutely everyone else. Change needed.

  27. I doubled down on 11 and lost. Now the beautiful babies won’t talk to me and don’t think I’m money.

  28. Toxteth O'Grady

    I’d like to win, because I never win anything, ever.

    You could change this, thanks. X

  29. Kenny wilson

    Style fashion icon it’s always good to look sharp look good and stay up to date with fashion

  30. Oliver Bishop

    I deserve this £150 voucher because I’d use the money on buying my flatmate some denim as his current choice of jeans remain soggy and damp, despite there being no sign of rain here in weeks. I don’t want people to think my favourite band is Keane when I’m with him anymore.

  31. Sebastian Storm

    Hello! I am big fan of the magazine first of, got the most of the issues. I managed to fuck up one of my favorite barbours..So in order to be proper at the upcoming Hammarby IF games I need some support :(. Heja Bajen!

  32. Need to get kitted out for Benicassim! them penfield sun hats will be right at home !

  33. I deserve to win the voucher because my new washing machine decided to turn most of my wardrobe a muddy grey colour and normcore isn’t my thing. Help a brother out!

  34. Ryan Horsman

    I need £150 worth of vouchers because tomorrow I’m moving house so I’ll be skint for a while!! How else will I get a summer wardrobe??

  35. Mark Lawton

    That Navy jacket in the bottom picture is coolio.
    What make is it?

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