Win an S.E.H Kelly Tour jacket! (Competition now closed)

“Thank you to everyone who gave the competition a go. The response has been great and some of the answers were very funny and / or thoughtful.

The winner is POTHOLE BLACK.

Catchy, original, sort of sensible-sounding, and a good (cycling-related) reason given.

For everyone who didn’t win, commiserations, but all the same — big pats on backs all round for the time and effort put in.”

tour-jacket-ventile-midnight-blue-ripstop-1 (1)

This is without a doubt the best competition that we’ve ever had on Proper and believe me we’ve had some corkers. In fact it could even be the best jacket that we’ve ever featured on Proper too. And unbelievable though it may sound, one of you lucky lot is actually going to win this incredible SEH Kelly Tour jacket. Yes, it could be you. Anyway here’s Paul from SEH Kelly with all the details, good luck!


Ventile has been a mainstay of S.E.H Kelly since before the cloth was invented. When Mr. Ventile told me about the secret Ventile Ripstop project he was working on, my ears pricked right up. It is something they’ve developed over a few years: an homage to similar cloths which Ventile made in the distant past using nylon ripstop — but this is an all-cotton version, so looks much nicer. It brings some texture to good old Ventile L24, and Mr. Ventile assures me that it scores over 700 on the Water Column Test.


The tour jacket is, we understand, the first garment ever to use Ventile Ripstop. It is stuffed with features that make cycling a little better, such as shooting shoulders at the back, an internal shoulder strap, brass eyelets under the armpits, two-way envelope pockets, and umpteen other things. It is also padded with an ecologically sound wadding that performs like feathers, only much lighter in weight and quicker to dry. It is probably the best jacket we’ve made to date.

But one thing — the colour is officially “black navy”, but can anybody help me out with a better name for it?”

So to enter this very, very cool competition you just need to put your colour suggestion (and reasons why) in the comment box below and then we’ll pick what we think is the best/funniest answer in a couple of weeks.

Please note that this jacket is available in sizes Small, Medium or Large.




  1. Chris Wake
  2. Jim Handford
  3. elliot
  4. Elliot
  5. neelesh
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  7. neelesh
  8. jackie beckett
  9. Evette Williams
  10. Trish Ashbridge
  11. WL
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  14. Sani M.
  15. Noel
  16. Dave Thomas

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