Working Class Heroes ‘The Festival Five’

It’s that time of the week where our mate Joey from Working Class Heroes likes to wax lyrical about what’s going on both in his head and the products in his marvellous store. This week he’s going off on one about appropriate attire for outdoor shindigs, get on this jacket fans…

I absolutely love and loathe festivals. The letters that follow the ‘Lo-‘ completely depend on two factors: one, the level of alcohol consumption per kilo of body weight, and two, the weather.

I’ve had festivals where, substance abuse aside, the weather has been absolutely glorious – I’m talking ‘heat stroke and medical tent’ levels of lovely sunshine, where you’re so packed into the crowd that applying suncream is near impossible but it’s fine because the heat of the pit has already melted off your skin so what else have you got to lose?

On the flip side, one time, by the end I thought, and still do, that I had contracted Cold Urticaria. Maybe I’m just soft, but I pretty much fell apart for the following weeks.

No one wants to be that guy all snug n’ smug in a bit of GTX – if everyone else is suffering, so should you – but you don’t want to be caught out in a flash storm in nothing but a stringer vest like every festival’s staple ‘optimistic guy’. Walk the middle line and get kitted up with some lightweight and functional protection.

We’ve selected some of our favourite flyweight jackets for this season from a range of street, skate and outdoor brands – they all provide protection from showers, they’re all light enough to provide minimal warmth whilst not letting you overheat, and they look banging. They all pack away into themselves as well which is nice – if you get bored of it you can lob it about!

Introducing the Festival Five….


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