Y.M.C. at The Great Divide

Baseball shirts, striped ecru sweats, bomber jackets and jumpers with a cartoon hand making the bull horn gesture? Yes, Y.M.C., good shot, lads.

This little slice of You Must Create at The Great Divide is ticking more boxes than an exam invigilator; this is because they’ve picked some of the best bits on offer. There’s a shirt that Guy Fawkes would wear to a bonfire party (and I suppose he’d have this bomber jacket on too) and a striped ecru sweatshirt, which all get two thumbs up from me.

There’s also some thumbs up – along with a little finger – on both this t-shirt and sweatshirt, underneath the instruction to ‘hang loose’. Hanging loose is something that Proper can definitely get on board with. Maybe not the bull horn thing though; I imagine only Americans would make this hand gesture and they’d probably be shouting “Woooooo!” really loud while they did it.

Apart from messages to Paris and ecru stripes, there’s also a distinctly American theme on show, and it doesn’t get more American than a baseball shirt.

It’s about bloody time someone released a wearable baseball shirt. There’s something about them that I’ve always liked but there are usually only two options; naff polyester ones that look like they’re off the market or actual replica ones. And I’m not that much of a div that I’d wear either of them. Thankfully though, this one comes in an Oxford cotton and – being plain – doesn’t force you to choose between aesthetics and team allegiance. So, yeah…

Zing! Home run, this one’s outta here!

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