Y.M.C. Oi Polloi Trail Shoes

PB-YMC-OP-01_1024x1024 (1)

Whilst this year may have been a truly terrible one for legendary and lovely people leaving the planet far to early but hot diggity dog it’s been a bloody cracker for suede shoes hasn’t it? Just when we thought we’d been spoilt more than enough for one year with crepe soled creations along come these beauties from combined forces of Y.M.C., Oi Polloi and Padmore & Barnes. This here Trail shoe (well it’s the Natalie really isn’t it *taps nose*) in an aromatic tobacco suede is an exclusive colour-way that’s been done for OP as part of the recent YMC x P&D collection that we told you about. Shoes suede or otherwise really don’t get any better than this, I think they’re absolutely shitting well terrific and that’s swearing.

Get yourself a pair here before they all sell out and you end up crying yourself to sleep every night like when you missed out on those weavers that time.

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