Yards Store Celebrates Scotland with Kestin

Kestin makes a lot of sense when you realise that Kestin Hare, who the brand is named after, was previously head of design at Nigel Cabourn. After relocating back to his hometown of Edinburgh, Hare set up Kestin – a brand dedicated to his Scottish heritage. 

This is most explicit when you realise that many of the items, such as this Neist Cardigan, are named after Scottish places or landmarks. Neist Point is a lighthouse that sits at the most westerly point of the Isle of Skye, casting a watchful eye on the more Atlantic-based archipelagos. This incredibly elegant, fleece-lined overshirt, also happens to be named after the Isle of Skye itself.

Yards Store has stocked various bits of Kestin’s design. Kelso pants are a weather proof everyday pant that proves that functionalism and smart can be married effortlessly, while this Crieff windbreaker is made from Japanese 2-way ripstop and continues to pioneer aesthetically clean but functionally rich design. 

The star of the show, though, as modelled above, is the Sunderland Smock. Building on Cabourn influences, the piece is inspired by the WWII US Navy Gunner Smock. In an amusing cross-over, the US military piece, made of Japanese technical cloth, makes me feel like Pearl Harbour never happened. Lastly, I know you’re thinking it: Sunderland isn’t in Scotland. While that’s true, perhaps the smock is a piece offering. What dispute will Kestin harmonise next?

Browse all of Kestin’s pieces at Yards Store and see pictures of some highlights below.

Kestin at Yards Store

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