YMC Hooded Coat



I used to have a jacket in this very colour and then like a prize dickhead I went and sold it. Now all I have are just a handful of photos on facebook to help me remember those colourful halcyon days of yore. In all seriousness though nothing goes quite as well with a new of indigo jeans and some white pumps as an orange coat does. It’s a winning combination that I have tried and tested on numerous occasions always to dazzling effect. This particularly impressive lightweight jacket featured here is from the mighty YMC and has a ‘stashable’ hood meaning that it also doubles up as a mac for those times you’ve got some serious business to attend to (or it just isn’t raining).  Our top mates over at Grants 1856 currently have this titian hued masterpiece in their store at the moment and are also offering free delivery at the moment. Though it might not rhyme with anything, orange is undoubtedly the new black.





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