YMC Space Dye pocket t-shirt

Lots of t-shirts are rubbish. They look good but they turn out to be rubbish. YMC Space dye t-shirts available at’t rubbish at all. They look ace and they’re made ace as well so they won’t go all Cobain after two washes. They’ve got a lovely slub (top word slub) to the cotton that makes them heavyweight and lightweight at the same time.


Space might just be the name of the t-shirt but I like to think it means they’re made with actual Space Dye. From outer-space. Jupiter hopefully. Could explain the ‘heavyweight/lightweight’ thing.

I had a similar t-shirt during the glorious summer of 1987 but I went swimming in the Rochdale canal and it disappeared. I went under the oily waters and when I came back up it had gone. I had a look but never found it. I dunno how it came off and disappeared but it happened behind the famous witch Linda Brandolani’s house so it was probably dark magic (or massive casual leeches).

Anyway as you can see they’re bloody smart T-shirts and I’d wear them all to buggery but I’d have done two more colours so if YMC are reading lets create!



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