Lomography, Spinner 360° leather edition

On Christmas day it’s pretty much the law that there needs to be a cool new gadget that all the family can mess about with and which provides much more entertainment than the Queen’s speech and a Morecambe and Wise re-run combined. So forget about fiddly digital cameras and cheesy iPhone apps and embrace the analogue beauty that is the 360° leather clad spinner from Lomography. As well as providing you with beautiful old-school images, this bad boy spins around whilst taking your photo, meaning you can plonk it on top of the turkey and capture the whole family sat round the table in one brilliant panoramic shot. How smart is that? And if stunning panoramic pics aren’t enough for you there’s also rollercoaster, timescan, footloose and hipshot effects for you to master. On top of all that it’s also covered in Italian toledo leather with a sleek geometric network pattern in winter white, just in case this outstanding camera doesn’t stand out enough!

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