Menu Design in America, 1850–1985

If like us, you eat up all things vintage & American in a similar way to how Popeye eats his spinach then you might want to take a look at this latest tome from Taschen. Between 1850 and 1985 the printed menu came into its own, evolving into a practical art-form that not only relayed what delights to eat and drink were on offer but also gave diners a lasting memento of meal and venue to take home and cherish. This book showcases nearly 800 classic examples of menus spanning this important period of US history, perfectly capturing the changing styles and eating habits of the times. There’s also a fascinating introduction on the history of menu design by Steven Heller as well as shots of the cafes and restaurants themselves. We don’t know about you but some of the images, really reminded us of the T-shirt prints featured on ace early 90s label French Chipie, no bad thing at all. This is no coffee table book, this is a dinner table book.


  1. twatburger and cunty fries

    MENU_NEWS: I only found out yesterday that in McDonalds when they are changing the menu from breakfast to normal, they just flip and rotate the signs.

  2. I just can’t resist buying stuff like this.

    If someone brought out a book of 1950s Hovis packaging I’d probably buy it.

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