Palladium Backway CLP H ​

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I think these winter-friendly Palladium boots are absolute nectarbeans as we used to say back in the day when we saw something that was very impressive. The Backway CLP H may sound like a deadly virus but they’re actually a brand new shoe from those smart French folk at Palladium though it does have that signature toe bumper we all know and love. Available in dark grey, miel, cognac and t-moro, the impressive upper is made using smooth leather with a super comfy cambrelle lining hiding inside. There’s some hardcore modern day panianro vibes coming off theem aren’t there? Except being French I supposed that makes them more Croque Monsieur than panini doesn’t it?  I’m going to stop now because these boots are making me hungry and frankly that’s a bit odd.

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