Penhaligon’s Juniper Sling, the ideal Mother’s Day Gift

OK so what are you going to buy your mum (and your missus on behalf of her grateful offspring) for Mother’s Day this year? Flowers? Chocolates? Booze? Why not combine the impact of all these presents in one with something much classier that will also last a lot longer. Penhaligon’s latest fragrance Juniper Sling is an intoxicating homage to the bright young things of roaring twenties London and their spirit of choice London Dry Gin. Don’t worry you’re mum isn’t going to smell like an East End landlady after dabbing this stuff on. Instead she’ll become enveloped in a freshly mixed cocktail of juniper, orange brandy, cardamom and black cherry with additional notes of angelica, black pepper, soft leather and orris (that’s a posh root often used in ‘ras el hanout’). Add to that the beautiful bottle and packaging and you’re onto a sure-fire Mum’s Day winner.



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