visvim Fall/Winter 2013 “Dissertation on a Man with No Country Vol.2″ Lookbook

This work from ever brilliant designer Hiroki Nakamura is typically strong in a contemporary look book entitled ‘Dissertation on a Man with No Country VOL.2

How good a title for a look book is that? Almost like a Mexican spaghetti western, an epic regal title that so does justice for naming of such beautifully powerful photos.

Stand out pieces for me have to be the shearing leather jacket, which just looks bullet proof, the cut and the attention to detail on it, added with how incredibly strong and beautiful the best of the best leather look, or the smiley face patch hat, which sums up the line for me, infusing the look of a civil war era hat, like more of a treasured piece you found digging in a vintage market then a modern made piece today. The patch that keeps it all very playful and does not take itself too seriously, metaphorically reinventing itself, the idea of where the ethos of the brands love of re-creating vintage pieces is summed up.

For me the vivid use of colours and materials is spot on. I can’t help but just get excited how effortlessly the stylings blend together in a sea of denim, beige, plaids mixed with warm, inviting fiery tones. It’s just asking to have subtitles like some sort of still film. With the collection clearly paying respects to the beatnik philosophy of road traveller, influences from the Wild West are prevalent and hold once against that romanticism for the nomadic open road lifestyle we all at once stage have craved.

It also for me paints vividly the Hendrix, bob Dylan meets ‘nam’ opposing hippy culture and I love the subtle feel for the props, such as the painted helmets, handmade collected over travels necklaces, guitar and case, and it seems partner that with a great sense of styling and layering. It really does bring the whole thing to life that this is a collection that was born to be thrown on with every intention of that jump on a train cliché to anywhere lifestyle.

Illustrations by John Speed


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