100 films to see before you die

Video or DVD? Well I personally don’t own either but that’s because I’m bad at poker, I think that cinemas should re-introduce the interval & we should all start going back to the flicks, I don’t care if you have got a 32 incher Widescreen with dolby surround sound, nothing captures your attention like a huge screen, massive speakers & darkness does it (especially playing guess the Revel)?

Here is a humble collection of decent, honest films we think you should see before you get shot whilst taking a dump (always take your Uzi with you). We’ve tried not to be pretentious as there’s nothing more annoying than watching a film because someone thought it would make them sound interesting if they mentioned it is there? Then again there aren’t too many cheesy American comedies, many of which are suprisingly like good dude but we’re far too ashamed to admit. The idea was simply to compile a list of truly great films that are capable of making you either jump off your chair, laugh, cry or befriend two teenage lads & leather their dad. Maybe you could print this out, stick it to your fridge & stay in til you’ve seen them and ticked them all off (preferably in green ink), who knows the world could be a safer place for a couple of hundred hours? Here’s the first 50.. Enjoy….

Part One: In no particular order

1. Oliver!

Year released: 1968

Style of film: Dickensian Musical

Random quote: “These sausages are mouldy!”

Why I should see it: It’s the best produced musical ever,a perfect blend of the joyous & the dark, I think Charles would have approved.

2.Apocalypse Now

Year released: 1979

Style of film: Epic Vietnam War Trip

Random quote: “Never get out the boat”

Why I should see it: Because Martin Sheen had a heart attack whilst making it so you owe it to him.

3.Pulp Fiction

Year released: 1994

Style of film: Fast paced, unpredictable, violent thriller

Random quote: “Sewer rat may taste like pumpkin pie, but I’ll never know ’cause I’ll never eat the filthy motherf*cker.”

Why I should see it: Because few films can take you on such a twisting rollercoaster ride.

4. Amelie

Year released: 2001

Style of film: Visually stunning, Gallic Feel-good love story

Random quote: “Without you, today’s emotions would merely be the dead skin of former emotions”

Why I should see it: It’s beautifully filmed with some clever subtle animations & a cute story.

5. La Haine

Year released:1995

Style of film: French Inner city Hip-Hop video

Random quote: “How Far You Fall Doesn’t Matter, It’s How You Land” (tagline actually)

Why I should see it: For the cool music & slick cinematography (the story is pretty mint too).


Year released: 1977

Style of film: Harsh 70’s Borstal drama

Random quote: “Sit down, Grass!”

Why I should see it: The realism in the film tells you it’s all pretty much true (it put me off gardening for life).

7. Goodfellas

Year released: 1991

Style of film: American Gangster Biopic

Random quote: “One day the kids from my block carried my mothers groceries all the way home for her, do you know why? It was outta respect”.

Why I should see it: It’s a true story and is the one film I never tire of watching, stunning performances from every single actor.

8. Buffalo 66

Year released: 1996

Style of film: Weird loner kidnaps vegetarian for tripe dinner with parents

Random quote: “Have some more tripe”

Why I should see it: Vincent Gallo is a genius.

9.The Godfather

Year released: 1972

Style of film: It’s about the Mafia

(everyone knows that)

Random quote: “We’ll make him an offer he can’t refuse”

Why I should see it: It’s the cinematic equivalent of a homemade lasagne & bottle of Chianti Classico.

10. Star Wars

Year released: 1976

Style of film: Sci-Fi but cool

Random quote: “If you strike me down, I’ll become more powerful than

you can possibly imagine”

Why I should see it: Because Light Sabers don’t exist yer, verwooom!

11.Great Expectations

Year released: 1946

Style of film: B&W Dickensian classic

Random quote: “You don’t remember me do you Pip?” Why I should see it: It’s a classic Saturday afternoon epic that delivers the goods & still amazes Camera men today, the Americans attempted a re-make in 1997 ha ha ha ha ha ha, bless em.


Year released: 1995

Style of film: Mike Leigh angst

Random quote: “I’ve seen more life in an open grave.”

Why I should see it: David Thewilis’s constant ad-libbing is truly

awe-inspiring, what’s going on in his world?

13.Nuts in May

Year released: 1980

Style of film: Mike Leigh comedy

Random quote: “I want to go with you she said, I want to go with


Why I should see it: If you enjoy mocking teachers/social

workers/vegans look no further.

14.Nil By Mouth

Year released: 1996

Style of film: Gary Oldmans semi autobiographical social drama

Random quote: “Cant, cant, cant!”

Why I should see it: It makes you feel like a decent human being


in comparison to the characters.

15. 24 Hour Party People

Year released: 2002

Style of film: Factory records Story

Random quote: “No, not that kind of Nosh”

Why I should see it: Few films can be so poignant & funny, one minute you’re filling up at the demise of Ian Curtis, the next you’re laughing at the Ryder brothers unique style of pest control. We?ve also got it on vcd if you want a copy. Don’t tell anyone though. We might get done.

16. Easy Rider

Year released: 1969

Style of film: Classic Hippie Road Trip (and I mean trip)

Random quote: “Here’s to the first of the day fellas, to old DH


Why I should see it: You’ll want to grow you hair, buy a Harley & drop outafter seeing it, that’s a good thing OK?

17. Quadrophenia

Year released: 1980

Style of film: Sex, Drugs & Scooters


Why I should see it: Despite the era it’s set in, Jimmy’s story is a pretty timeless one of the stress and turmoil of growing up & going out in Britain.

18. The krays

Year released: 1990

Style of film: British Gangster biopic

Random quote: “I’ll make you smile for fackin life”

Why I should see it: For a British film that’s based on a true story it’s a classy number.

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