100% Waterproof Ventile® Outerwear by – Private White V.C.


Ever wondered how waterproof clothing is put to the test? Admit it, you imagined a James Bond type lab with hi-tech sprinkler systems and mad wind tunnels didn’t you? Well bollocks to all that, in Manchester we do things differently, up here (on the one day of the year we don’t have horizontal rain) we just take a big carton full of tap water, a massive big bin and a bloke called Pat . The coat being put through it’s paces here is the Private White VC’s SB4 Unlined Ventile,  Single Breasted, Fly Fronted Rain Coat featuring a Prussian collar, welt pockets and centre back vent, RIRI zip front fastening, and two concealed studs down the fly. The neck is proudly marked with a single ‘Made in Manchester’ branded stud and the outer fabric is made from 100% cotton Ventile® and comes with taped internal seams, making the garment 100% waterproof and windproof just in case this cutting edge test footage hasn’t already convinced you of that.

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