20 iconic film posters by Saul Bass


Did you ever wish that you could take the pages from one  of your super cool coffee table books and just whack it up on the wall for everyone else to enjoy too? Well rest easy if you’re a fan of America’s greatest twentieth designer and the golden age of cinema because Laurence King and Jennifer Bass (Saul’s daughter) have made a book whose pages you can pull out and frame. Cunningly entitled 20 iconic film posters by Saul Bass each substantially weighty page can easily be removed and placed into a 12 x 16″ frame. Thus ensuring all your mates know just how cool you are with all manner of celluloid majesty to choose from from Sinatra’s smacked up oscar winner The Man With The Golden Arm to Spielberg’s game-changer Schindler’s List. My personal favourite poster though is The Shining one with it’s unnerving use of lower case ‘i’s, blood red background and scary as fuck face. Oh and there’s also one he did for Spartacus Kubrick fans. I reckon all books should come in this format from here on in, actually that won’t work as we’ll run out of walls if we do that won’t we? Yeah maybe just stick to the purist, classic stuff like Saul’s.

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