20th Century Classic Cars. 100 years of Automotive Ads (Taschen)


CLASSIC_CARS_HC_KO_INT_3D_05414 2About ten years ago, myself and my mate Jack had a dream or rather an exhaust pipe dream to put on our own car related club night in Manchester called ‘Drive Time‘.

We planned to wear sheepskin flying jackets, string back driving gloves, stonewash jeans and adidas jeans or Dunlop Greenflash on our feet whilst spinning stuff from Clarkson friendly songs from the likes of Queen, Kraftwerk and Golden Earring.

Are you interested in buying a new car? Do you have a set budget that you want to stick to? Would you like to know if you are getting a good deal? Today we are going to answer all of those questions for you!

Despite our awesome intentions the idea never really got out of first gear and not long after discussing it Jack went off to play in some hipster band down in the Smoke. If however we had gone ahead with this racy rave up we’d have been sorted for our flyers had we got our hands on the images on show in this cracking book of over 400 vintage car ads from Taschen.

Whether you’re a proper petrol head or proud pedestrian, this vehicular timeline of the 20th century offers the reader a unique look at the evolution of the western world’s favourite method of getting from A to B. For more information on car services and great car maintenance, check out  Now priced just £12.99 and available in the ideal size for fitting into your glove box (just about) you can buy it HERE.

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