24 Kilates X Patta X Sperry Top-sider


Do you want some three-way collaborative boat shoes? Yeahhhh. Have some three-way collaborative boat shoes…

Good things come in threes. Stooges. Members of cherubic pop group Hanson. Buses when you’ve been waiting for ages… That sort of thing. Anyway, that watertight hypothesis is proven beyond reasonable doubt by this exciting collaboration between Barcelona’s 24 Kilates, Amsterdam based Patta and legendary boat shoe manufacturer Sperry.


If you’ve ever worried that your deck shoes simply aren’t streetwear enough, these lads have got you boxed. The Sperry Top-Sider Striper CVO collaboration retains a classic look in nautical blue and white, whilst proudly championing St Andrew’s Crosses of Amsterdam and Barcelona’s cross of St George. Essentially, they’re boat shoes with little tiny flags on, and if you’re not down with that then frankly we can’t be mates.

John F Kennedy used to wear boat shoes, and you can bet your bottom dollar that if he was around today (and had somehow taken a keen interest in niche European streetwear boutiques), he’d be wearing these. There is a whole range of other stuff available for those of you who don’t just wear shoes, including two-tone pique Henley shirts, all over print t-shirts, fleece shorts and a hip bag and a bucket hat, to complete your Scally-At-Sea look.




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