Aquascutum AW16


We’ve got Flowered Up’s ‘Weekender‘ blasting out of the office speakers at the mo and it’s got us all in a full on ‘Party Geezer’ mood. So much so that we’ve decided we’re gonna get proper Aquascutum’ed up, make a few calls, meet a few heads and then get bang on it from now until the Antiques Roadshow starts. Well we would do but the missus has got book club tonight and the kids want to go for a Nandos tomorrow and besides I’ve got a really bad back at the moment. Yeah actually we’ll just stick to getting the Aquascutum gear and then continue to live the rest of the dream by putting old rave flyers on instagram. Regardless of whether you’re well up for it or far too grown up to survive a full on weekender, Infinities have just taken stock of their AW16 Aquascutum delivery and wearing it will definitely make you ‘happy’.

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