Boy’s Own – The Next Generation

Given that we’re about to celebrate thirty years since Acid House became the official name for dancing around in the dark for several hours to repetitive beats whilst completely off your tits on hallucinogenic love drugs, now seems a fitting time for Boys Own to re-release some ‘gear’. Chances are if you’ve spent any quality time on a dance floor over the past four decades then this combination of underground publication, record label and way of life will have helped put a massive smile on your face at some point. The pioneering Boys Own spirit is still alive and well and they continue to host ‘Russell Hartys’ as well as writing funny stuff and releasing the aforementioned garms. So if you’re in the market for a tee, sweatshirt or nice bag to put your X-Press 2 12″s into then go and have a mooch here boysownproductions.co.uk now



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