6876 Operai Studenti T-shirt


It’s been a wonderful time for lovers of great t-shirts recently hasn’t it? First came our marxist/situationist number, then we had the monochrome majesty of the Too Hot tee and now here comes the collectivist cream of the crop. Having a keen eye for leftist political imagery and being the founder of the legendary 6876 when Kenneth Mackenzie’s political t-shirts were released back in 1995, 1998 and 2000 they became instant collector’s items as well as forming something of a template for everyone and their dog to imitate (including us).

Given the considerable gap since their initial use Kenneth has hooked up with Good Measure to create another must-have tee featuring one of the most striking images from his archive. The Operai Studenti graphics was taken from an original poster sourced in 1969 by Kenneth’s wife’s stepfather whilst he was in Bologna.  Being a 6976/Good Measure product the cut and quality are top notch too, with it being a heavyweight tee that sizes up fairly big (check the chart before purchasing) that has been both made and printed in England.

Available in limited numbers here.





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