6876 Brecon Jacket

You don’t need to be an avid Proper follower to be aware of our appreciation of 6876.

With that and the recent inclement weather in mind, we’re cheered to see the arrival of the 6876 Brecon, a modernist parka style jacket in a couple of ace fabrics. 

The khaki coloured version is made from worsted barathea 375 gram wool, M.O.D approved since 1783. We’re not quite sure what that means but we’ve every confidence it is just as considered as we’ve come to expect from 6876. It also has a custom made Japanese pine bark quilted lining which again, sounds brilliant because it probably is. To top it all, it’s manufactured in England and exclusive to just the 6876 site.

The navy version is made from cotton gabardine twill with PU coating, which makes it water repellant and gives it a different look along the same theme.

Both jackets are manufactured in 6876’s new premier London factory and can be found at the 6876 webstore in limited numbers. And if we know 6876, when they say limited they actually mean it. None of this “Ooh, there are only 300 of these” that other brands boast about, this is actually limited in the true sense of the word, so be quick or you’ll miss out, just like you did last time.




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