6876 Cadre T-Shirt

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Do you own an item of clothing that you love so much you just can’t wear it for fear of it becoming unwearable? I’m like that with my new 6876 t-shirt. When you’ve got a very lively two year old and a red wine habit then you really do have to be careful with such prized possessions, so I’m keeping it tucked away in the wardrobe until further notice. Which is as real shame because, as with all 6876 products it’s a finely crafted piece of clothing and one that feels particularly pertinent to these politically turbulent times we’re currently experiencing in GB. The design itself harks back to the Parisian fun and games of 1968 featuring handy details on how to go about making a Cocktail Molotov to hurl at les flics. Nice timing Kenneth, I’ll see you down the Esso garage once I’ve finished this bottle of red mate d’accord?

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