6876 Ettrick Jacket

With social isolation being an ‘actual thing’ that’s happening to us at the moment, it’s more important than ever to stay in touch with each other even if that means you can’t give them a hug/dead arm IRL. So thank god for the internet and the immediate sense of community that it provides. Imagine having to go through this madness without being able to freak out on social media or not getting to discover all those amazing clothes dropping this season as your favourite shops have shut for a month? So despite this horrible situation, we’ve still got each other and we’ve still got new coats to admire like this modernist masterpiece from 6876. Made from Italian Olmtex fabric with an open placket and some textbook 6876 angled stitching this technical popover is the perfect antidote to this passing phase of pandemonium.

Check out the new 6876 Ettrick Jacket here.


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