6876 Kerb Shirt

Whilst other #menswear brands try to reinvent themselves or create an imagined history, background story or faux Britishness (mentioning no names…I will if you bung me tenner) it’s refreshing to go back to a brand which has authenticity and ‘place’ naturally within it; yet doesn’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftops.

6876 is one such brand.


A label not created to appease the tastes of the masses but instead produce quality items, without gimmicks or heavy handed branding in a truly Modernist vein.

Whether it be the use of technical fabrics or Modern twists on classic cuts Kenneth Mackenzie and his 6876 team have produced items that for 2 decades have built up a loyal and committed support.

Following on from previous ace releases this year (I’m particularly thinking of the Petrel 1&2 Jackets and Toraston rucksack) 6876 bring us a superb shirt just in time for all those fancy festive functions that you’re bound to be dragged along to.

The Kerb Shirt is a ‘classic’ Oxford style in an “English 50′s 2/24 Acorn 100% cotton” fabric.


The 6876 ‘intricacy’ comes in the form of the breast pocket detail.  A slant-cut buttoned flap over the left breast pocket, obscuring the ‘SixEightSevenSix‘ label and adding an interest to the shirt which doesn’t cry:

“Look at me, I’m trying really hard to be cool in this overpriced shiny shirt that I recently purchased from a high street chain.”

And thank Fuck for that, it’s all the better for it!


Made in the UK, in limited numbers (not to create hype, just, ‘because’) and available in blue or grey.

Only from the 6876 Webstore.


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