6876 Modern Studies T-Shirt


Whether you’re struggling to know what to get for the person who has everything or you yourself are on the look-out for something that’s as amazing as it is hard to come by, then crank up the central heating and get them and/or yourself a 6876 tee. Thanks to the modern marvels of radiators, massive down jackets and complex layering outfits this winter I seem to have been wearing t-shirts more than I did in summer and my wintry tee of choice has been one of the aforementioned label’s majestic Modern Studies release. As not only does it fit like a dream and washes really well but with it being black it also makes me look slightly less big-boned which is a very welcome feature at this time of year especially given the alarming amount of mince pies that I’m currently going through.

Get a proper top tee here.



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