6876 Studio Visit

Back in January the Proper Magazine bandwagon limped into London and our first port of call was a certain cool complex near to Russell Square. Within this impressive building the 6876 studio exists.

Having only previously seen pictures we were mega impressed with the place. We were equally impressed with 6876 main man Kenneth too, but you’ve have to buy issue 9 to find out what he said, you snide.

For now though, here’s a selection of some of the pictures we took. They give an uncommon insight into how the brand ticks and go some way to (visually) explaining the inspiration behind 6876.

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  1. krugernationalpark.

    Does anyone buy this overpriced tat ?

    Parisien student riots,Punk = Boring £200 leather belts.

    Looks like someones egotistical play thing,all the right art a barbie doll a few tennis balls,and a paper bag

    discreetly place on the pavement.Coooooooooooooool.

  2. Looks like a nordic safe house for a 60,s spy! lol.
    But great company and keep up the very good quality and stealth look.

  3. Daniel Abrahams

    A quality company, always have been.
    A small bit of (French) resistance, in a dull world.

  4. Like Albam, 6876 confuse ‘often a bit boring’ with ‘classic and understated’.

    But aye, good photos.

  5. We never did ask him about those blue tennis balls

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