6876 x Cash Ca Capsule Collection

Having the integrity not to be arsed about ‘Cash-Cows‘ (Sir) Kenneth Mackenzie has turned his focus once more to Cash Ca (geddit?) and producing a collection of top pieces together for the early part of 2014.  Following on from their previous joint work the collection has a clear technical & outdoors focus – just in fact the stuff we love here at Proper Towers – and will have you as the best dressed man on the Pennines (unless you happen to bang into Griff Rhys Jones running around bothering backpackers in his vintage CP Mille).

It’s no secret that 6876 are one of our favourite brands, and once again the British modernists show why they have kept their position at the forefront of men’s gear (notice my avoidance of the use of #menswear) without ditching any of the principles upon which the brand is built and why their loyal band of followers keep coming back for more.


This month sees the start of another collaboration with Cash Ca taking the form of various releases over the next few months. (Though if your Japanese is up to it, the full collection is already available from the Heather Grey Wall OnlineStore from Japan)

First up and to my mind pick of the pack is the reissue of that 6876 stalwart the Sonora jacket.  Making a reappearance in yellow for the first time since ’08; a favourite jacket of mine unfortunately long since sold on (the arrival of kids into a ‘young’ man’s life can have drastic effects) I for one have been shouting from the rooftops – or at least, tweeting a bit – about its reappearance.

Also released in classic Navy, both in ridiculously few numbers (try under 15!) and only available from the 6876 webstore on these shores, a hell of a lot of people are going to be disappointed….now where’s that Japanese phrase book.


They may be able to appease themselves slightly by picking up some of the other items from the collection over the next few months: graphic print tees, sweat pants designed by KM and a superb shirt – with the type of detailing we’ve come to expect from the 6876 stable – are all available.


The shirt alone is a stand out piece…just check out those chest pockets (so speaks a man who was chastised by his missus for getting overly excited by the pocket detailing on the recent Kerb shirt!)

If you aren’t one of the lucky sods who manage to procure a piece, keep your eyes and ears peeled for more from 6876 over the coming months in the shape of The Black Project – collaboration pieces with many of Proper Mag‘s good pals.

Available soon from 6876

Check out the collection at Heather Grey Wall store.


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  2. Christian Hilton

    ^ Nope JT; not a direct dig at FP at all; more a play on words between Cash-Ca & Cash Cow; and that Kenneth has never been in it for the $$$

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