6876 x Rohan Glider Jacket


You all know that 6876 have been doing some very interesting capsules of late. But one from the not too distant past is the 6876 x Rohan Capsule which combined a lot of technical know-how and some rather smashing design.


What exactly am I getting at? Well the internet has informed me that the 6876 x Rohan Glider jacket has been knocked down in price and is still available in all sizes. The Glider is a very light, very water repellent and very insulated bit of kit. Basically, meant for gliding about in. Face it, we can pine for shorts and sunglasses all we want, but the coats are a ubiquitous necessity.

It’s one of those ones where you know that someone a lot smarter than you or I has been messing around in a dark workshop with a massive Singer sewing machine, Trentemoller on repeat with more fabric than a Venetian prince (What? Read some Bill Shakespeare). He eventually emerges wearied, blurry eyed and a bit cuckoo, clutching this as a product of his industry.


It’s a bit Space Odyssey with its futuristic sheen and  high-spec-tech-composition using Durable Water Repellent and Insuloft technologies. Although I’m not going to try and understand it too much as even the product description outlines that it has a baffled internal construction. But look at those zips. It’s a belter, and it’s a bargain.

Anyway, I’m off to Scotland tail end of next week and it’ll no doubt be fucking freezing still so I’m going to grab one from 6876 before they sell out. You might want to do the same.

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  1. Lovely piece that. Picked one up myself and the staff in the Rohan store in Bakewell were keen to find out where/when it was from. Gets a lot of love from the lads and the functional type too…

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