6876 x The Fourness


Sometimes writing these Proper pieces isn’t as easy as you’d think. I know you all reckon you could put a well dressed chimp in front of a keyboard, with some photos of some ace gear that he loves and the hyperbole would just spill forth onto the virtual page.

But you see, there are only so many times we can tell you how much we love a brand and their whole outlook and aesthetic before you you’ll get bored, click on that red cross in the corner of the screen and go and flick through the Next Directory.

Then again when the brand is 6876, we, the ‘Proper Primates’, make the corporate decision that we’re not that arsed how bored you are, we’re going tell you yet again; we bloody love them and their British Menswear Modernism. Have done for a long time, will do for longer.

2015 sees the brand develop their past work alongside Kazuki Kuraishi (the last of which was the Cash Ca collaborations) and his new collection: The Fourness.

SixEight76 have contributed 4 styles (3 of which sees them revisiting some classic archive pieces) to work on with K.K. all of which are made in Japan.

The MDC coat (2007) in all weather high density 100% cotton and the Jacques pullover jacket (2003) with it’s elasticated waist and cuffs, streamlined hood and micro ripstop fabric.

There’s also 2 shirt styles; a recent (2013) release the Kerb gets a reworking, whilst there is a new style in the form of the Modulo, incorporating the progressive detailing you now always expect from Sir MacKenzie.










All available now in various colour options from the 6876 webstore.

I nearly wrote the whole of this piece without mentioning the term “Future Classics”….but I can’t, sorry.




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  1. Oooof! 250 quid for a very basic nylon windcheater. I see precious little design innovation and little in the way of technical specification to justify that price. Maybe those crazy kids in Shinjuku can afford that, but not me. What’s going on with 6876? Losing the plot.

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