7L System L6 Jacket

7L is a Mancunian brand who make next level, cutting edge technical outerwear based on a military layering system. Level six of this system is all about the rain layers which is why the phenomenal L6 jacket is constructed from a highly durable 3-layer hard shell that’s waterproof, windproof and highly breathable. Which, thanks to it’s super swanky Schoeller’s c_changeĀ® membrane technology, means that when the wearers body temperature increases the molecular structure of the fabrics open. Allowing excess heat and moisture to escape to the outside air and enabling high breathability whilst carrying away moisture and excessive heat at the same time. So if you’re into beautifully designed, high spec, futuristic coats that you can wear in the Arctic as well as to the match (one day) then 7L is the brand for you.

Buy a 7L System L6 Jacket from Oi Polloi here and don’t forget t use the code GOLDENCROWN at the checkout to get 25% off.


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