_nwrdrSPZL: a product release by adidas Spezial and New Order

Forget about a Blue Monday because this one is bloody brilliant. The world’s greatest living band have joined forces with the best sportswear brand on the planet to make a very Spezial capsule collection. Born from the long term friendship between Gary Aspden and New Order, the band have been heavily involved in the design and details that have gone into this collection that looks in general to their current output rather than resting on their legendary laurels. Proving that dreams never end these pieces look like they’ve been touched by the hand of god and fans of both adidas and New Order are going to find it very difficult to resist temptation.

The aesthetic of every piece links back to the repeated three block New Order ‘Tour’ graphic that New Order have used for recent live performances whilst the key piece is a yachting jacket with detachable and interchangeable colour-pop pullers that’s inspired by Bernard’s love of sailing the ocean waves. Whereas NO’s connection to football culture is showcased through a football jersey with a playful nod to modern football kit sponsorship with the use of song title ‘586’ upon the chest. There’s also a classic adi track top and a heather grey logo tee that features a _nwrdSPZL graphic that’s underpinned by the words ‘True Faith’ in Latin. Whilst the footwear is a nod to Bernard’s tour footwear of choice of late with a clean white leather and white translucent sole version of the Wilsy SPZL featuring the tour graphic on the footbed and interchangeable branded lace jewels and reflective laces .

The polar opposite of 99% of today’s collabs, this collection has rather refreshingly come together via mutual respect from both sides involved which is exactly why it works so well and looks so great. Available from on 18.09.20.

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