A Brief Guide to Danner’s Range of Boots

Danner are broadly considered the kings of mountain boots. Hailing from the promised land of Portland, Oregon – there must be something in the water supply – Danner have been manufacturing hiking boots since 1932. 

Several styles, such as the Danner Mountain Light, have remained relatively unchanged since their inception in the early 70’s – a testament to their success. Of course, modernisation is useful where possible, usually involving the silhouette being upgraded with modern materials. 

This Petty Grove pair is constructed from a durable suede with a Dri-Lex lining, meaning they’re ideal for warm conditions. Dri-Lex material provides excellent moisture wicking, allowing efficient movement of liquid through the material. The result is a quick-drying, odour resistant and breathable shoe. 

The same silhouette also finds itself in Gore-Tex, making it a waterproof alternative. Both shoes are equipped with Vibram soles; the Gore-Tex features a Vibram Kletterlift outsole, in line with the shoe’s waterlogged environment, whereas the Dri-Lex shoe has a Vibram 4014 Christy outsole, with a focus on comfort and traction. 

Sitting in the middle of these two in terms of function is the Danner Light, which keeps the Gore-Tex lining and Kletterlift outsole, while integrating a combination of khaki and leather onto the upper. The shoe is larger than the Mountain Light, making it sturdier but also more all-round and ready. 

One of Danner’s oldest silhouettes, introduced during Danner’s first year of trade in 1932, the Bull Run started life as a work boot rather than a hiking shoe. It’s a utilitarian boot that offers both strength and flexibility, ensuring that protection was offered to the wearer but that that didn’t compromise freedom of movement. The boot is available in multi shades of leather, such as boot strap brown and black.

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