A new dawn for Mizuno with Contender S

Call us what you want but don’t call us in the morning – there aren’t many things that will get the Proper gang out of bed early doors. When we were invited to shoot the new iteration of the Contender S by Mizuno though, we decided first light was the time to do it.

There’s the obvious nod to Mizuno’s Japanese heritage in the land of the rising sun of course, but we were also drawn to the two types of people you’re likely to find wandering the deserted city streets at dawn. There’s the committed runner, seizing the day and the shot of serotonin that comes from pounding the pavement while others are smashing the snooze button. Then there are the small groups and couples, wandering home from a big one after the music has finally stopped. They may move more slowly but they’re also buzzing in their own way. The thing is, despite starting the day in different ways, both would be equally comfortable in the Contender S.

Designed for neutral runners who wanted a lightweight and well-cushioned shoe to run in, dropping today the Contender S takes its design inspo from Mizuno’s legendary ‘Mondo’ series. The first time they have revisited this silhouette since its original release this version has updated the technical elements as well as incorporating a new mix of suede and mesh for the uppers. Resulting in an impressive-looking shoe whose aesthetic appeal is in line with its strong comfort and performance levels. With form following function so effortlessly, the Contender S is sure to gain the attention of runners and ravers alike.

Available in limited numbers, you lucky sods can grab a pair of Contenders from Hanon, Footpatrol, Sneakersnstuff, Mainsource, Pro Direct, or even Urban Outfitters.

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