A.P.C. Tunisien Ray T-Shirts


No, not that guy from the pub who sells carpets, these are the Tunisien Ray breton striped t-shirts from A.P.C., on sale now at Liquor Store.

If there is one thing I like, it’s a good t-shirt. And if there’s one thing I really, really like it’s a well fitting, French looking, breton stripe t-shirt – but there is a lot of merde out there. Look at these beauties though from A.P.C., available in ‘dark navy‘ and ‘bleu‘. Perfect for completing that understated, classy, laid back look. The colours are ace, the stripes are just right and the cotton is super soft.

Imagine yourself wearing one of these to watch Le Tour ride through Yorkshire in the summer sunshine. They’ll be all like ‘ah, j’adore le t-shirt, duck!’ and basically presume, because you look that cool, you must be an injured rider or something, so get practising you nonchalant shrugs.

Mange tout et tres bien, Ah.Pay.Say!



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