Acqua Di Parma Colonia Futura

For over a century, legendary fragrance house Acqua di Parma’s purpose has been to safeguard and pass on the much admired Art of Italian Living. Committed to help protect and sustain the cultural, artistic and natural heritage of their native country, this admirable approach has been encapsulated in the latest addition to the Colonia family, Acqua Di Parma Futura. A vibrant explosion of naturally sourced ingredients, this sensational new fragrance as the name might suggest, is all about looking after our planet.

Closely connected with nature and fully respectful of the local crops and human resources employed to make it the packaging has also been designed in accordance with an environmentally-friendly format. Packaging innovations include a recycled and recyclable plastic cap to replace the iconic bakelite one and a dispenser that can be easily removed from the glass bottle making it easily removed for recycling. Whilst the label is made with scrap dust from
marble quarries and Futura’s iconic cylinder is made using FSC certified cardboard. With each individual element being a responsible move towards a sustainability that affects each and every level of the production chain. Hats off to Acqua di Parma for creating a premium product that doesn’t cost the earth and brings a a real sense (or should that be scent?) of positivity to the future.

Colonia Futura is available from 6th August exclusively at www.johnlewis.com and Nationwide from September.


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