ADER Error x Maison Kitsuné’

I really like that Fox logo, it’s dead good innit? I also like the fact that Maison Kitsuné’ have done a sporty collab with South Korean label ADER Error that is totally genderless. I mean back in my day it was called Uni-sex but I suppose gender is a more relevant word in these exciting times we live in today and who knows maybe somewhere in the future all clothes will be made this way and no one will care which tap you choose to drink out of, the bus you’re on or whether your name is Arthur or Martha. At least for now we can live in hope, whilst dossing about in a Parisian hotel whilst wearing luxurious sportswear.

The ADER error x Maison Kitsuné capsule collection will be available from April 6th 2018 at Maison Kitsuné and ADER error stores, plus selected stockists and online at maisonkitsune.fr and adererror.com

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