adidas Chilcott SPZL Short


I’m proper excited about this new Stone Roses tune allegedly being released ‘at some point’ today are you? I’ve heard it’s all backwards guitars and mad grooves too, mint. No idea where we’re gonna hear it yet but whilst we sit in anticipation cradling our tickets for next week at the Etihad perhaps we should take our minds of things with a look at some equally impressive shorts. Having been big fans of the adidas Spezial range from day one and with us recently¬†helping put together the retrospective/SS16 Spezial book we feel a particular affinity with their latest range. Hip Store have just taken delivery of the Chilcott SPZL short, made from matching material as the nautical Chilcott smock in the same SS16 range they’re the perfect example of Spezial’s European luxury sports-wear vibe that would look equally at home on the streets of Marseille as they would Manchester.

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