adidas EQT Apparel Collection

Do you remember when you first saw saw the adi EQT logo around 1990, and thought, ‘yeah that’s alright, it’s no Trefoil, like what’s on my trainers, but it looks ok on those high end athletic products that they’re putting out but that aren’t really meant for me?’

Then remember a couple of Christmases later getting a rugby top & watch gift pack emblazoned with the EQT logo, and thinking ‘that green, black and white combo’s dead nice and I look alright in this?’

Remember in ‘96 the #SadnessInYourEyes as you heard that adidas were getting shot of the Trefoil and replacing it on all their mainline product with that ‘3 striped mountain logo’ and those beautiful blue boxes for brown cardboard ones? No more kits at the World Cup would be graced with that leaf shaped loveliness; Keglers were skittled into becoming slightly less ‘Super’ as the new logo was forced on their sexy silhouette.

It was all a bit shit. For a bit.

Now remember seeing this reissue range of EQT gear that adidas launched last week; and how seeing it all makes you reminisce of different days just like the original Trefoil once did?

Remember spitting out your morning brew when you saw those EQT adilettes and thinking Summer’s going be a good ‘un; or that EQT Team Bag that’ll make you ‘cock o’ the court’ (or 6-a-side pitch or gym changing room at least)? What about first seeing that Crew Sweat – with the collar that’s capable of making grown men as teary as a pre pie-eating Gazza at Italia ’90 or the rest of this sportswear for the streets apparel.

We remember.

And we want it all.

Whatever the year.



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