adidas EQT Consortium


I’ll always remember when I finally relented and let adidas Equipment into my life, having been a big Run DMC fan/poser I’d been seriously obsessed with the trefoil and therefore not that taken with adi’s new distinctly un-old school Equipment line at first glimpse.

Then one sunny Friday in Manchester whilst seeking out a replacement for my beloved Russell Athletic tee shirt to go out raving in that night that I  happened upon an adidas Equipment tee that I instantly had to have. Maybe it was the ever so slightly raised collar that I’d never seen on a t-shirt before (or since), maybe it was the thick grey marl material that looked like it could handle being worn to an all-nighter or twelve in or more likely it was the fairly exclusive £35 pice tag that made me blow my giro on it. Later that night as planned and as per I was one of the first punters into the Hacienda, wide eyed and resplendent in my brand new new adidas tee sipping a can of breaker and thinking ‘no one else will have one of these on’ like we used to do before the internet ruined everything. So just imagine my surprise when one of my mates walked in minutes later wearing the very same tee. Can you imagine? I know. Luckily during those days everyone was proper friendly to each other so we just agreed to split up and hit the dance-floor in shifts until about midnight by which time everybody;s eyes were safely in the back of their heads.  Anyway, I’m getting all nostalgic because adidas Equipment is back via the Consortium release of the ‘still way ahead of it’s time looking’ EQT Running Cushion as pictured here which arrives in all the usual places this Friday (15.02.14). Now lets hope someone brings the Hacienda back too, actually sack that I’m far too old for all that madness, I’ll just stick with some proper nice new trainers.







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