adidas EQT Indigo Track Top

Did you read the article Gary Aspden wrote a few years back for Arena Homme Plus about the tracksuit? It was a brilliantly written piece that discussed it’s cultural significance and how unlike most other items of sportswear it still has the power to slightly un-nerve certain sections of society. This adidas EQT track top is a perfect example of the kind of kit that Gary was talking about. If you wore this on it’s own as a top it would sit happily alongside a variety of high end menswear labels from S.I. to NP but team it up with the accompanying trousers (and leave the confines of the M25 or the NQ) and eyebrows will soon begin to raise and eye contact will be subtly avoided. Which in my opinion is all the more reason to wear this indigo beauty as a full on track suit rather than just a top, you’ll get the ultimate in comfort and look amazing with the added bonus of getting to freak out loads of uptight squares all at the same time.

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