adidas EQT Support 91/18

I recall back in 1991 when adidas Equipment had just arrived and I managed to score myself a lovely grey marl t-shirt with the new logo on the front. I was pleased as punch with it, I’d never seen one anywhere before and promptly got myself down to the Hacienda early doors in my new piece of German schmutter. So imagine my surprise when I peered around a girder and spotted a bloke wearing exactly the same t-shirt. Devastated wasn’t the word, though to be fair I soon forgot about it and no doubt had the greatest night of my life ever (again). But anyway, lets jump back to the future and celebrate the arrival of another 1991 gem in modern day hybrid form (thanks to it’s Boost sole and knitted uppers), the adidas EQT Support 91/18. A colourful construction that does bear a passing similarity to Ben Kelly’s Mancunian nightclub designs at least to my strobe addled mind. Available in limited numbers from Wellgosh don’t go anywhere near a dancefloor this year (or 1991) without a pair of these on.

Buy a pair of adidas EQT Support 91/18 from Wellgosh here.


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