Adidas Equipment Racer OG

You wait aaaaaaaaages for adidas to get some classic white and green trainers reissued and then three come along at once (not at once tbf but let’s market). They’re like buses! Green and white buses! (Did anywhere have green and white buses? Bet Liverpool did). I’ve wittered on about the other two, the ZX750 and the mighty Stan Smith, on here before and I need to complete the set (I assume there are no more to come?).


Adidas launched its Equipment range in 1991 (when house went techno). The EQT Racer OG arrived a few years after that as Adidas got serious about applying the ‘Equipment’ principle to trainers as well as logos. The photographs of these trainers tell you more than I can. You will or you won’t.


In appearance the EQT Racer are mint in every regard, shit pun on the colourway included. The famous Torsion bar on the sole is present as ever which is basically like having Ray Mears as your wingman. You’ll have noticed the crucial feature of them and yes they are that comfortable and yes they absolutely do keep your feet cool and zesty (And look well sexy).


Some brands would throw in an inner-sock made from dolphin hymen but they’d be missing the point (“”) of what are basically the perfect summer trainers (You could wear them with socks with jeans if you want. If you want). (Used a lot of brackets /’()’ in there).

You can find a pair here


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  1. James Brennan

    Liverpool did actually have green and off white/cream buses throughout the nineties.

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