adidas Football Sweat


What a load of balls, modern football is, isn’t it?  

Designed and built by numbers, industrial estate stadia; overpriced all-ticket matches;  souped up stewarding, we all know the woes.

But as trendy as it has become recently to hate modern football, there’s nowt like a World Cup to reignite that deep seated boyhood love for the ‘Beautiful Game’.

Panini sticker albums, first round matches between countries you wouldn’t know where to look for on a world atlas, the camera cutting to sexy spectators…Copa Mundial has it all.


Then there’s the football related ‘fashion’.  From current kit designs, to reissuing old classics, loads of brands are obviously jumping onto the ball-kicking bandwagon.  None more so than Mr Dassler himself.

An eye catching highlight from adidas Originals current crop has to be this ball laden sweatshirt available now at Northern Quarter’s best 5 a side team (they may not be) Oi Polloi.


A raglan style sweat in dark blue jersey cotton (‘Ink’ as adi have it) which is covered in balls.  Loads and loads of balls.

From the Tango to the Telstar (renamed the Chelsea here, but try not to let that put you off.) Big balls, small balls, black and white balls, yellow balls, red balls…you get the picture.  Just look.  Classic adidas balls.


Was about to make a comment about buying this and being sure to ‘score’…then I stopped myself….anyway, put the World in Motion and find it now at Oi Polloi for £70


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  1. I can’t help buy be drawn to the design. I like it.

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