adidas Manchester 89 SPZL at Wellgosh

As the big hitters in the top tier trainer wold world brace themselves in anticipation of a mile or two of three stripe fanatics arriving outside their stores at any minute. Wellgosh have decided to tease us with some images of the adi Manchester 89 SPZL shoe that drops in their store next Friday.

With nods to late 80s Handball Spezials, the OG City series and the colours of both City and Utd these trainers are incredibly Mancunian though they’re bound to have collectors from all around the world desperate to get hold of a pair. Just be glad you won’t have to brave the underground market in the Arndale and choose from a catalogue before having to wait two weeks for them to arrive like we had to back in the day. Oh, and they’ve even got the full approval of LG too, check this.

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